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Just in time for HP FANDOM REUNION 2014!

There are really no words sufficient to express my excitement for this post. Back in 2008, when I was super involved in HP fandom, I had the great fortune of meeting "in real life" the beautiful, talented, and altogether amazing friend/artist, reallycorking. Before then, we'd exchanged messages and pictures through LiveJournal and snail mail only, having co-created a number of long-distance Prismacolor collaborations sent back and forth via personally decorated photo mailers. These interactions fostered a friendship that is valuable to me this day, so naturally, when she had told me she would be in my neck of the woods, I basically demanded she come visit.

While she was here, we decided we'd do a collab on the spot to commemorate the day, and we quickly scribbled out some lineart on my ancient Toshiba tablet. We promised each other we'd find the time to color it in and parted with the memories of an excellent day.

But as you might imagine, real life and the slow decline of fandom resulted in our digital collab getting buried in the proverbial inbox. Lucky for me, RC saved the file and dug it back out for just the right occasion. :)

In reallycorking's words:

Every time we work on something together I am astonished how creative we are together. :)

I may have mentioned this before, but I feel like finishing this piece is so perfect for this HP reunion. We drew it together back in the summer of 2008 (wowww) when HP fandom was still in its heyday (though maybe starting to wind down soon) and then seven years later we finished it for this reunion. It's a very reuniony thing indeed!

Title: "OTP"
Medium: Digital (Photoshop)
Description: reallycorking's Ginny makes out with mudblood428's Harry


[Click HERE for time lapse GIF]

mudblood428 & pennswoods Tag-team Drawbles from Austin, Texas!

So grateful to finally post these! Work sent me to Austin, Texas a couple of weeks ago, where I had the awesome pleasure of reconnecting with pennswoods, who had the stellar idea of packing up some pitt pens and drawing together!

The following prompts were gathered from friends on our respective LiveJournals, printed out, cut into individual paper prompts, and drawn from a magic hat. (No, I am not kidding. It was all purple-y and had sparkles.) We then proceeded to race through as many as we could from the end of dinner through dessert. Thank you to all who submitted prompts, and especially to pennswoods and her husband for their hospitality, warmth, and all around awesomeness. *sends love to TX*

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H/G Book 7 kiss

reallycorking and mudblood428's Fanart Collab Extravaganza: 2008!

Title: "Troll in the Dungeon!"
Artists: reallycorking and mudblood428
Media: Colored Pencils and Ink
Rating: G
Characters: Ron, Harry, Hermione, and one bad-ass troll.
Notes: Scene from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's/Philosopher's Stone in which Harry, Ron and Hermione forge their friendship... and take down a mountain troll. Thanks to everyone in advance for taking a look! (NOT DIAL-UP FRIENDLY.)

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H/G Book 7 kiss

Three-Way Collab: maria_abagnale, reallycorking, and mudblood428!

Totally not dial-up friendly and might make you cry ('cuz I sure did). YAY! :D

Title: A Mother's Sacrifice
Artists: maria_abagnale, reallycorking, and mudblood428
Characters: Lily and Harry
Medium: Pencil, Photoshop, Alias Sketchbook (respectively)
Notes: The scene needs little explanation, I think. Despite how sad the scene represented here is, we can at least rejoice in its having been the reason for - count 'em - three HP fanartists to work together to produce it! (It's kinda fun to see the initials on the bottom right-hand corner add up with every leg of the picture...)

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A humongous thank you to all the artists that contributed their creativity and talent to this picture! And thank YOU guys for stopping by to look! :D
{hp} luna

reallycorking and scowling_hermit's collab: Harry and Ron :)

Title: Sharing Butterbeer
Artists: scowling_hermit and reallycorking
Characters: Harry & Ron
Rating: G
Medium: blue ink and photoshop
Notes: The awesome scowling_hermit drew this originally as request for me (RC) for the hpqfac event. She mentioned that I might want to color her linework and I said "OMG YESSSSS." :D :D

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So many thanks to scowling_hermit for contributing the gorgeous ink work! And thank you all of you for looking. ♥
H/G Book 7 kiss

Three-way Collab: nightambre, wellington, and mudblood428!

Title: "I'll Smash It"
Medium: Pencil Sketch and Digital Ink & Color
Rating: G
Characters: Bellatrix, Lucius, Hermione, Ron, Ginny, Harry, Neville, and Luna
Notes: Originally a piece intended for submission to the hp_collab community, the sketch was completed by mudblood428, inking was done by nightambre, and color was provided by wellington. All stages are included under the cut! :D
Summary: "You need more persuasion?" [Bellatrix] said, her chest rising and falling rapidly. "Very well - take the smallest one," she ordered the Death Eaters beside her. "Let him watch while we torture the little girl. I'll do it." Harry felt the others close in around Ginny. He stepped sideways so that he was right in front of her, the prophecy held up to his chest. "You'll have to smash this if you want to attack any of us..." - Chapter 35, OotP

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Thanks to nightambre and wellington for imparting their wonderful talents, and thank you so much for looking! :D
H/G Book 7 kiss

midnight_ljc and mudblood428's Harry/Hermione Collab :D

Back with another collab :) This is so much fun. :D

Title: "Told You Flying Was Fun."
Artists: mudblood428 and midnight_ljc
Medium: Pencil and Digital
Rating: G
Characters: Harry, Hermione, Buckbeak
Notes: Only one person on earth could make Mudblood draw Harry/Hermione. Check out the color job on this baby and you'll understand why.

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And there was much squeeing.

Thank you so much for looking. And a HUGE thank you to midnight_ljc for sharing her unbelievable talents in creating this picture.
{hp} luna

reallycorking and mudblood428's Fanart Collab Extravaganza, Part Un

Artists: mudblood428 and reallycorking
Media: Colored Pencils and Ink
Rating: G
Characters: Ron, Harry, Ginny
Notes: A scene from the Felix Felicis chapter (14) of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. It's image-heavy; dialup users beware!

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For a detailed account of our long-distance collaborative effort, including photos and journaling, see this post! Thank you so much for looking, we greatly appreciate it. Happy holidays!